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Contact Finder

Find only verified prospects by domain or using LinkedIn and Twitter data. Keep contacts in one place.

Up to 2000 contact lookups for free every month.

Email verification powered by Proofy Email Checker

Perfect for HR's

Find employees that are suitable for the opening, companies for partnership and experts in the required field.

Indispensable for Sales

Test sale process, apply new methods, make more beneficial decisions and squeeze your database.

Solution for marketers

Explore your audience via social media: in the LinkedIn groups, studying the Twitter accounts.

Finder features


Emails from names
Find contacts by first and last name, enrish contacts in one place. Choose the best way from Finder Expert!
Email verifier
Verify your email database before emailing, get maximum responses from your receivers, work with reliable emails only. Reduce bounce rates, use only existing addresses. Email verification assurance by proofy.io
Contact manager
Manage prospective customers’ contacts and target your content easily with Finder.expert tools.
Bulk upload
Save time by doing mass domain check in a few clicks. Find a large number of contacts connected by similar features.


Domain search
Find everything you need by the domain: email, full name, information about the company, etc. Any domain search is possible.
API integration
Powerful integrations. Flexible API.