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Terms and Conditions

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This policy contains the information for users about the limits and responsibilities they will have as soon as they start using our platform. We advise studying these regulations as well as other documents like Legal Notice, Privacy and Cookie Policy and other documents aimed at regulation of our work.

1. General Responsibilities

Being a user/customer of our service/platform you are obliged to follow the next statements:

Have a respectful attitude to the rights of our company as well as third-party rights considering their intellectual and other property, as it is specified in Legal Notice and other regulating documents on this platform. You need to be authorized to be allowed to post any content of other parties. Do not take the content that is available on our platform like third-party images and other materials like marketing researches and analytical data and use it for publication on another platforms and portals. Hold the responsibility in case of damaging the property and rights of third parties and protect Contact Finder from any harm during all the time of its usage. To comply with every regulation and standards that are specified in our documents like Legal Notice or other policies and terms. Show respect to the third-party rights, users of our platform.

2. Inadmissible Behavior

We do not allow any type of behavior conducted by our users/customers. That is why it is significant to realize that some actions can bring harm to third parties or the Contact Finder directly. Considering this, you admit to avoiding forbidden activities specified below:

Trade services of Contact Finder without special permission. This also refers to the commercial appliance of the information that is found on our website. Usage of services of the platform in order to conduct illegal activity connected with child abuse and pornography, and somehow else mistreating of the children, families and third parties. Send any content by any mean of communication that contains threats, inclining to the bodily harm or damaging of the person, group of people or their properties. Send out any type of content that can be considered pornography that contains sex scene or human nudity etc. Send us any content that can hold the harassments towards another people. Delivering messages with clear commercial purpose without having legal right to do so and such activity will be considered as spamming. Conducting unlawful activity like usage of credit card data of other people. This also includes the attempts to use the service in order to get access to its accounts or other people’s accounts and to violate Finder.expert’s security measures, technical elements and other entities, as well as systems for communications. Usage of unwelcomed language and materials that can have any bad effect on users/customers or the third parties. Usage of the content that puts in danger any property rights of intellectual or industrial kind of our users/customers or third parties. Considering this you are not allowed to post any content that is taken from the third parties and is considered as their intellectual or any other type of property without having a legal permission to do so from the user of the mentioned materials. You are also not allowed to collect, or trying to do so, private data of the third parties without their permission or without compliance with the Organic Law on Personal Data Protection. Conduct activity that can have any unwelcomed effect on other people or services and it includes “denial of services” attacks towards systems or people. Conduct fraud activity that can affect the people and bring any type of harm to them. Conduct abnormal usage of the materials and recourses provided by the particular customer of our company in order to create a bad influence on him or her or other customers/users. Conduct another kind of activities that have illegal purposes and are aimed at bringing harm and violating rights of people or Contact Finder company in general as this is considered a crime or criminal abuse. Use the platform’s functions to distribute materials encourages hatred and prejudice to the minorities, as well as stand for criminal activity and violating human rights. Take the materials and conduct decompiling or processing of the info that was received from our reports in order to sell it or somehow else to get profit from it. It refers to the research materials or reports that were handled by our service and analyze our performance for commercial purposes. This means that it is forbidden to scrape, spy or conduct similar activities being a signed in user or third parties without our special permission.

3. Usage of the content.

We have two types of materials. From one point of view, the materials we post on our site are considered as public. However, other materials are received by user/customer by their request and special studies. The second aspect considered as private information and can belong only to the owner of the request. So the materials that can be found on our site are not completely available for public usage. This means that if anyone will intend to use it, it is obligatory to specify the source of information or its author.

4. Conducting Code

Considering this aspect, the user/customer should follow these regulations:

Duplicate or take the general data available on our site in order to revise our service, and then collect that data on other PCs, systems or printing only for private usage. If publishing any of our content on other platforms, blogs etc. it should be cited or somehow else specified the actual source of the data. Collecting and storing of the data taken from our service must be held with respect to limitations specified here. The user can confirm the info about his or her company, include new info about his or her business and add extra info from the LinkedIn profile with the opportunity to alter this data. Any time you will decide to fulfill, correct or delete your data from our system, you need to address your inquiry to this email contact@finder.expert

5. Forbidden activities by the third parties

The first forbidden thing is the entering our platform/service without obtaining the status of user/customer. Detailed you are not allowed to do the following things:

Conduct cookie dropping activity for web-scrapping purposes. Gathering any private info or materials via search engines, without having rights to do so provided by legal representatives of Contact Finder or users/customers. Creating attacking cases that can bring harm to the platform. Removing materials that were published by other users/customers.

We will immediately notify special authorities in case we detect ant threating activity aimed at Contact Finder or any of our user/customer. The third parties will hold the liability for all harm that was resulted by their unlawful actions. Contact Finder will reveal any actions that hold threats or violations of the company’s property, rights or privacy, as well as its users/customers.

6. Controlling and supervising

Contact Finder holds responsibility for controlling and supervising of its platform. That is why it has power for managing any activities conducted by its users/customers or even the third parties on the platform and detect activity that brings the harm to other user/customers, Contact Finder or other parties.

To react as quickly as possible to users’ inquiries we ask them to direct their requests to take measures against unlawful activity on the platform conducted by user/customer of Contact Finder of the unauthorized third parties to the email contact@finder.expert with relevant contacting data and proof of the mentioned harm.

We hold the responsibility to disclose this situation and after proving the guilt of the accused person/party we will keep investigating the case in order to make sure the actions were within criminal acts. Considering this, Contact Finder has rights to:

(i) remove the unwelcomed materials;

(ii) demanding to correct of the published data;

(iii) block the user/customer including cancelation of the service providing without any refund;

(iv) notify the authorities about unlawful activity conducted within service and disclose evidence for this claim.

7. Responsibility Rejection

Contact Finder does not hold any liability for reports with errors on data received from marketing researches as this is a completely automated service.

If user/customer receives a report with errors that are connected with a shortage of the data in them, we ask users/customer to inform us about it via contact@finder.expert or using other means for contacting us.

Contact Finder also does not hold any responsibility for the appearance of errors in reports connected with the original source or due to any other flaws of the original data.

The user/customer can learn about what Contact Finder is responsible for and what not in other legal documents and regulations that are available on the website.

8. Access and password policy

While signing in to our platform, the user/customer is requested to design own password. Starting from this it is their responsibility to protect it and keep it safe. Any alterations of the password and other personal info can be carried on in the profile. During validation, you will be able to use the option “forgot password”. By pressing on that button you will be able to change your password and get the new one on your email.

9. Connection with a legal notice and other documents

These community regulations stated by Contact Finder are connected with Legal Notice, Privacy Policy and other legal docs available on our site. So any statements mentioned here are compliant with the ones mentioned there and apply to all users/customers in order to control their relations.