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What kind of deal do you want?
We offer 300 checks every month and up to 2000 contact with our refferal.

5000 credits
free verify emails
10 000 credits
free verify emails
20 000 credits
free verify emails

More updates are coming

You will be informed as soon as we do new updates.

What do we mean by the credit?

  • A credit is a payment unit you can use in exchange for services. Credits issued according to your plan are valid for all time. You can distribute credits between tools however you need.
  • 1 credit - 1 prospect (Prospert profile - automaticaly add current company profile and you use 2 credits)
  • 1 credit - 1 company profile - if you in LD add Copmany profile you use 1 credits
  • 5000 credits you can use to get 2500 contacts (you get a full contact profile along with company data) as well as all company data for each loan found.

If you are looking for several people of the same company, then shoot for one current company and for each contact added to your list


  • What is a free plan Contact Finder?

    We offer a forever free, renewable plan with 300 monthly credits. If you need to go over this limit, you can go to our refferals program or purchase a plan that best suits your needs.

  • If I switch plans, will I lose my credits?

    You can switch plans at any time you want. Your credits from your old plan will get added to your new plan. You won’t lose a thing.

  • Do I get a refund If I’m not happy with the service?

    Sure. We offer a 14 days money back no-questions-asked guarantee to new subscribers.

  • Can I cancel anytime?

    You can cancel, upgrade, downgrade at any point in time. No hassles. But don't refund money from credits.

  • How Credits Works?

    One credit equals one contact that was either found or verified and include all info around contact. You will not be deducted credits in case of no result.

  • If I have more question, Who can answer?

    If you have any questions, you can check out our live chat or contact our Support Team via email contact@fider.expert. One contact can contain social networks, all found valid mail and validation is not cut from the account. Invalid mails will be hidden.

At any time you can purchase credits and credits over time are not reset.