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Legal Advice

The commitment of the Contact Finder Service

Contact Finder team is totally confined to the thorough following of the GDPR terms. Our team of experts in legal and policy questions has conducted a detailed analysis of every point specified in GDPR documents and keep checking for updates and new requirements for better implementation of GDPR’s lines in our practice. We take all requirements of this document very seriously and adjust our service, product, policies, and contracts we had before May 25, 2018, to the new terms, which are compliant to the GDPR.

Following Worldwide Requirements

We work with clients all over the world and they may work in accordance with the jurisdiction of their country. To provide every user with decent experience while using our service, Contact Finder has adjusted all the processes handles via our platform to the GDPR guidelines and provided worldwide support. We are sure that one single model of proving the service and a uniform set of rules will help in improving service and following the GDPR rules by the customers.

Customer Rights and Privacy of the Personal Info

Contact Finder respects our clients and their rights considering the safety of their private data. So we always answer requests of our users when it comes to the issues with the private data usage. The main task of the list that is added below is to provide users of our service with the opportunity to confirm their rights in terms of privacy and information protection rules:

The right of Access: you can freely ask for the copy of your personal data that Contact Finder uses for service purposes and controls what info you provide at the start of using the service. In case we receive a request from you to get the info about what your Personal Data is used by Contact Finder, we will disclose it to you for free: purposes of usage, what categories are involved, who has access to this Personal Data, how long we store this info, what rights you have considering privacy, and what data transfers we processed. With such requests, you need to address contact@finder.expert and write us all the required details considering your needs.

Right to Correct the Personal Information: You can send your request to alter, update or add any of your personal information that is used by Contact Finder. Contact us via contact@finder.expert and specify your request in your letter. Keep in mind, that we are able to correct, complete or delete any of your information anytime and as you wish.

Right to Delete the Data: Whenever you decide you have the right to cancel your agreement to provide your personal data for our processing. If it happens and there are no any legal obstacles and reasons to keep processing your Private data and it is unnecessary considering previous purposes, we are ready to delete all your Personal info. This can be done after receiving an email from you with the relevant request on our address contact@finder.expert.

Right to Forbid the Data Processing: You have a right to ask us to stop data processing of your private info in one of the following cases:

(i) you doubt the rightfulness of the Private info processed;

(ii) the act of processing is conducted against the law;

(iii) when there are no requirements to use your Private info anymore.

We fulfill such inquiries after receiving an email on our address:contact@finder.expert

Right to Portability of the Data: You can get the Private Info in the convenient format, being structured and available for reading and using. We fulfill such inquiries after receiving an email on our address: contact@finder.expert

In case you have complaints on our replies or you have reasons to doubt the legality of Data Processing conducting by our company, you can direct your inquiry to relevant authorities specialized in data protection.


Private Info will be held by Contact Finder in the way to be able to identify you as a user only for a time it is required for conducting Contact Finder’s activities connected with data process (Processing Data). Contact Finder accepts the same policy for data holding for all customers/users/visitors without connection with their location, and that policy includes the definite time for data holding which is specified as 7 years.

Keep in mind that we will hold the collected data for the period of time required for providing the Service and to follow the legal regulations, to deal with arguments and to prove our agreements.

In case you want to exclude your Business profile that is now available on our servers or in case you want us not to reveal your Business Profile with other service users, partners or vendors, you can terminate your service membership by submitting the special opt-out form. After this, we will stop using information from your Business Profile.

Note the following: some info about you collected may also appear on the internet on other platforms and services. In some situations, it is possible to add your personal info again after its deletion when they have been gathered within the web and used by other partners or somehow else that do not refer to accessing your device. We advise our users to conduct a periodical check of their profiles of the service to make sure that your profile contains only data you have allowed to display there.

Contact Finder was developed as a representative of Data Protection Officer group, following GDPR.

Full name: Chris Park

Role: Contact Finder CEO

Email: contact@finder.expert

Address: 998 14th Street, Sacramento, California

We have checked carefully all providers of the data processing assistance and confirm that they are compliant to all GDPR statements. All data of Contact Finder is kept on EU servers. Google (USA-based company) hosts those servers.

Regulations of GDPR can be canceled in case of any of the following 8 points. In every case, we will disclose how Contact Finder will act compliant with them. In case you still have questions left, we are waiting for your request in online chat or via email.

– Right to get the information: we do our best to provide the required information to our users about their data processing.

– Right to get access: we provide full access to our users to their data and do not create any obstacles for this.

– Right to correct the data: we welcome users to contact us in case they decide to correct the provided data.

– Right to delete the data. This matter is also can be solved by contacting us.

– Right to stop processing: Our customers’ data (and their end-users) is not processed by us.

– Right to have portable data: It is possible to export any personal data of our clients by contacting us. It takes time because the info is stored on multiple servers in a fragmented form.

– Right to argue: we reply and pay attention to such inquiries from users (as well and their end-users) via contacting form.

– Right to avoid being subjected to automatic making decisions including profiling: we do not accept this approach and do not act in this way with our customers (and we will never do so).

Contact Finder does not provide the service to kids considering specifications of it (it is b2b service). However, we do not consider to be relevant controlling the age of the registered users for the services.

All data of Contact Finder is kept on EU servers. Google (USA-based company) hosts those servers.

We enable our users to delete all their data. This can be done after contacting us with this inquiry. Every request is fulfilled up to 7 days.

We do not track login activity, only logs like IP and user’s software that is required for technical purposes and will be held no more than 1 year.

We have implemented all the security aspects specified in GDPR.

Your personal data will not be under our processing.

None of the GDPR points will be added to your contact.

We have never experienced the data compromising in our company.