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Payment, subscription

Terms of subscription: payment, changing of the plan, cancelation

Contact Finder does not have any refund procedures when the user registers a subscription on paid basis. To get an account with paid features the person needs to use a valid card (credit or debit) or PayPal for payment purposes. As a user, he/she needs to reassure that the added payment method is working. The process also requires the confirmation that the card or PayPal account is at person’s or company’s disposal. The information about the cardholder and a buyer and a user of the service must be correct and truthful. In case you provide the fake or incorrect info you cannot request for any kind of refund or compensation. Contact Finder takes all possible measures to forestall such types of fraud and add to our system protecting software that checks the provided data and eliminate the false information to protect our payment process.

At Contact Finder users are billed every month (every 30 days) before the start of the next period of service use. For open accounts, we do not provide any kind of refund or compensation for part-month usage, money back for upgrading or downgrading procedures, or for the months the service was unused by the customer. Keep in mind, that we do not make any exceptions to create equal conditions for every client.

The Contact Finder users have an opportunity to change or cancel any offers, plans, pricing without providing any notice or reasons.

To terminate the subscription client need to contact us via email contact@finder.expert. Every month when the period of your subscription will come to an end, the system automatically bill you for the next 30-day period. In case you decided to pause or stop using your subscription and want to prevent payment process, please contact us in advance.

So when you decide to upgrade or downgrade your service plan, you will have to pay the sum of money according to a new pricing for the next period of your subscription. For this purposes, we will use the provided credit card. Pay attention, that subscription downgrade may lead to loss of the previously accessible content, ability to use some functions and features of the previously had account. We are not responsible for this type of loss.

Stopping of the subscription before the end of your current period of service usage can prevent the charging you for the next month.

Contact Finder holds the right in its own discretion to stop or postpone the subscription or account and prevent the proving of any type of services we have without any explanations or disclosing the reasons. In such case, your account will be deactivated or terminated and you will no longer have access to it, its features or content stored there. Contact Finder does not hold any responsibility for such cases and can refuse in proving the service whenever for any reason.