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Privacy and Cookie Policy


To provide our clients and users with protected and dependable service, we have developed this new Cookie and Privacy Policy. It serves as a warranty that the service is compliant with security regulations aimed at information processing according to the Royal Decree 1720/2007 of the 21st of December, the Organic Law about Personal Data Protection (LOPD) from15/1999 of the 13th of December, the law about Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce in relation to cookies 34/2002 of 11 July on (LSSICE).

1.1 Channels for data collection that we use
1.1.1 Contacting Options of our Site

On our website, every user will be able to find a section called “Contact Us” and use any available and suitable to the user option for contacting our team in case of any issues connected with usage of our service. Also, customers have an opportunity to sign up as Users via an account in LinkedIn or using email/password option.

1.1.2 Our web page

Users can provide their data while they register on our services at their homepage via PopUp’s

1.1.3. Our platform

If you use platform www.finder.expert, you must know that this is where we can collect your data and personal info like name, email etc. while you conducting a registration process as a new user of the definite platform.

1.1.4. Our email address

Users and Professionals can deliver to us their questions, complaints and other inquiries using our email for contacting purposes contact@finder.expert

1.2. The Task and the way We Process the Collected Data
1.2.1. Main Points

We use the data that our users provide to us in compliance with section 1.1.1 and 1.1.4 of this document. This data is received by us via contacting form or email and is important for fulfilling your requests and other inquiries and help in completing your registration if needed.

Registration of a new User requires validation via LinkedIn account or an email. This procedure is needed for providing you with definite service and also enables you to create publications with interesting information about your company or relevant things.

As it was already specified in Legal Notice, before starting validating your profile on the platform you need to have our service in advance. Also, LinkedIn validation will be required in any case, and even when you have used your email before, you will have to go through LinkedIn validation as well.

1.2.2. Utilizing of Information from our Users

a) Data from Natural Person Users:

Users that have registered on the platform can be reassured that their data, in any case, will not be used for purposes that are out of needs for service provided, that are not compliant with the specified task of providing the data.
That is why your data is protected from being revealed or sold to third parties in any case, and the received information about you will be needed only for validation purposes in order to define you as a User or Client of the platform and to supply you with the services you want to receive while signing up here.

b) Data from Legal Person Users:

If you have signed up to our platform as a legal unity and present a company, you provide the data about it. That why you need to consider that fact that the received data may be posted on our platform and due to it be shown to the third parties (competitive companies, investors and other legal unities) and they may decide to use it for analyzing and reporting purposes meaning our Client or User.

c) Registering your account on our platform you must realize that you submit receiving newsletters or other regular messages and notifications. In case you decide to terminate participation in this kind of email communication, you as user/client can send us a special request to the email contact@finder.expert.

1.3. Subscription to E-mail Notification

Apart from data collection according to the regulations in this Privacy Policy, you can allow subscription to our notification and emails with relevant and likely interesting to your content. We will generate a subscription plan for you and send you alerts for informing about the newest searches and tips.

1.4. Express Agreement

In order to follow the Law about Protection of the Data we openly ask our users to reveal their agreement any time we are about to collect the data that is new to the system and the user did not provide it before.

So to make things cleat, accepting the notifications and policies the user/client openly shows his or her agreement that Contact Finder has the right to use their private data accordingly to the tasks for service providing and to inform them about our service and the platform news and updates and renew their profile data for distributing news and other important content to the User or parties of interest that is within the regulations and details specified here.

So, when adding information to the contact form on our site, during the registration or creating emails to our team, users are obliged freely and clearly submit boxes with questions in the end of every form in order to show they agree that our company can use their information for processing purposes that is within the regulations mentioned in this document.

Also by submitting our conditions during registration and accepting a contract with our service you confirm your agreement to our right to use the information about your company and any other your corporate data for the tasks specified in this document including marketing as well as presentation purposes of showing data to the third parties.

The acceptance of our conditions means the user also submit his right to watch and confirm all the regulation described in our policies to make sure that every point there is compliant with their rights mentioned here and in our Community Standards.

1.5. Rights for Accessing, Correcting, Terminating and Rejecting

Whenever the User/Customer decides to use their right for accessing, correcting, terminating or rejecting the data, the procedure required sending an email to our address contact@finder.expert or deliver your inquiry to our physical address:998 14th Street, Sacramento, California. In any case, you should attach the copy of your ID (passport, card etc.) and clearly describe the point of your request and refer to your right for accessing, correcting, terminating or rejecting the data.

1.6. Processing of the Data.

Contact Finder is claimed as a processor of a data of its users that is required for providing Contact Finder services which are available to it while the mentioned Service is being provided like email addresses that are searched by user/client (Accessed Data) which includes names and last names of the person you are searching for, his or her e-address etc.

According to this fact, Contact Finder is obliged to stick to the following conditions:

(i) Contact Finder is not allowed to use or utilize the private data in case of purposes not connected with service provision and will not deliver it to the unauthorized parties in any case, even for storage purposes.
(ii) Contact Finder will not take part in any activity involving third parties for processing the data of its clients. That is why the user/client should admit his acknowledgment and acceptance of the Service being hosted by contact@finder.expert
(iii) Contact Finder will follow the obligation to protect and keep in secret the private information of its users/clients even after the cancelation of their cooperation.
(iv) Contact Finder is obliged to provide required technical and legal measures to prevent illegal and unwelcomed usage of the Access Data and cases of its loss by accident, damage or impairing and being ruled by the security level regulations in Royal Decree 1720/2007 of December 21 which includes adding the LOPD or others.
(v) Contact Finder will provide the needed information to its workers that are involved in the providing of the Service processes about all the obligatory actions specified here.
(vi) In case you cancel the receiving of Services of Contact Finder, the company will delete all the information from our system including Access Data, apart from cases when Contact Finder is obliged to keep the private in for a particular period according to some legal requirements or up to the time when some liabilities referred to the previous relations may appear.
(vii) Contact Finder is obliged to follow all the regulations and rules mentioned in this document and which are now is active.
Meaning the Access Data, the customer/user claims to handle responsibilities of the Data Controller of the private info added or processed in the system as specified in Article 3 d) of the LOPD.
The customer/user is obliged to follow the regulations connected with the protection of the data. Therefore, the client/user also guarantees that his or her actions will be legal and will not violate the rights of the people and their data used in search purposes.

In case user/client does not hold a responsibility of a Data Controller referring to Access Data while using the system then the user/client should admit that he or she has conducted an express authorization and delegate all the rights connected to the Data controlling to the Service. In another case, the user/client will be provided with the required power to represent the decisions to apply the Service from the Data Controller considering adding and processing of the private information while in the system.

The user/client also admit the fact that all the actions connected with the process of the Access Data conducted via the Service are under the legal purposes of the data controller.
The user/client also commit do not make Contact Finder responsible for any fines, sanctions and other types of punishments that were resulted by misfollowing of the rules specified here by the client/user.

Only user/customer can freely and solely decide to apply the Service. Contact Finder is protected from any responsibilities appeared due to gathering and processing of the data in search of the personal purposes in the Service.

1.7 Collecting of the Data Security Regulations

We apply security software and systems to ensure safety, protecting the confidentiality of the collected data in our system/platform/website.
But the user/customer of the service must admit that security on the Internet is not always guaranteed and any measures can fail. But they are obliged to take any possible measures to provide security without depending on the security measures of the website where they take the information.

Contact Finder put all its efforts on ensuring the protection of the privacy of users and their data that is available on the platform during all period of providing the service and is very diligent when taking all possible measures for security. Considering this, the user/customer also is obliged to take into account the implemented protective measures as they solely hold the responsibility for the security level of their passwords and other info.Contact Finder is not responsible for cases when the user/customer was not able to take decent actions to make the usage of the service secure and the consequences of such actions. Out of our liability is also damage that was caused by unauthorized third parties or due to other extreme situations.

To find out what is also is out of our liability, the user/customer can read other legal documents and policies available on our website. There are such regulation sets like Legal Notice, Usage Terms and Conditions etc.

2. Cookie policy

Contact Finder collects cookie files in order to make the website navigation better and more convenient and also to improve service providing to our users/customers. We always inform visitors and users about the fact of collecting cookies when they visit our website.

To follow the Cookie Policy user should submit this fact in order to keep using our service and surfing through the website. The user/customer will be asked to click on a button in the checkbox or link. Continuation of usage will be considered any type of action on the website after seeing the notification.

2.1. Cookie Definition

When we say cookie we mean files that are created and available on your PC or another device when you surf the internet and visit sites like ours. Also, cookies enable websites to collect the data about your browsing activity depending on the data they have collected. They also show how you use your computer and they allow defining the User.
There are many types of cookie files and they are distinguished by the expiration period and their purposes.

According to the purposes, cookies can be divided into the following categories:

Analytics Cookies. These files collect the data about your usage of the site and its performance in general. This is required for web analytics which means measuring, collecting and reporting the data in order to monitor and fix the website performance and usage.

Social Cookies. These files are required by external social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. They help in controlling the displaying of the widgets on those sites.

Behavioral Advertising Cookies. These files gather the data about your choice and what you prefer while using various sites. Such cookies allow customizing ads shown on websites in order to make them relevant to the visitor and exclude the ones that have been already shown before to the User.

Technical Cookies. These files are important for controlling the quality of the website functioning and performance of the functions the user use while browsing and other options available within the website.

Customization Cookies. They are needed for making the user experience adjusted to the particular preferences and needs of the person and his or her online behavior. It includes language, set while using the site, the type of browser used, the selected design themes, location, local settings etc.

Third Party Cookies. Some services and sites can have such cookies in order to control and improve the performance of the offered services.

2.1.1. What Types of Cookie Files We Use

Firstly, you need to get the idea of what the own and third-party cookies mean. Study the following explanation:
Our Own Cookies: Files that are under the control of our company and which ones have been installed by our PCs onto your (users’) PCs and other devices.
Third-Party Cookies: Files that are under the control of other unities and which ones have been installed by their PCs or domains onto your (users’) PCs and other devices.

Types of cookies used by Contact Finder:
1. _ga (used for 2 years, by defect) – Applied for monitoring of the users’ behavior in our platform. Own/Third parties – Google Analytics/Twitter
2. Login cookie – session (used for 2 years, by defect) – Applied for distinguishing users that log in our platform. Own/Third parties – Google Analytics/Twitter

2.1.2. Analytics Cookies

Google Analytics

Our site applies Google Analytics, which are third-party cookies that are provided by Google, Inc. This service allows Contact Finder to conduct an analysis of user’s activity within our site. The data, collected by cookies (including your IP), is send and collected by Google on their USA server storages. These files are used by Google in order to trace your usage of Contact Finder and to generate relevant reports connected with Contact Finder performance and supplying with other services that may be required due to Contact Finder work. You can stop the processing of your own data and for this, you need to turn off the cookie function in the browser you use. But we need to warn you that by doing so you risk losing access to some parts of the website and functions of Contact Finder. But if you continue using the Contact Finder services, you admit that you are informed with data collecting by Google and approve it in conditions specified earlier.

2.1.3. Behavioral Advertising Cookies

Our site applies Google Analytics, which are third-party cookies that are provided by Google, Inc. These files are used to generate relevant reports connected with Contact Finder performance and supplying with other services that may be required due to Contact Finder work.

Google Adwords Conversion

Our site applies Google Adwords, which are third-party cookies that are provided by Google, Inc. These files are required for showing relevant ads on Contact Finder site.

Google Dynamic Remarketing

Our site applies Google Dynamic Remarketing, which are third-party cookies that are provided by Google, Inc. These files are required for showing relevant ads on Contact Finder site.

2.1.4. Social Networks Cookies

Contact Finder does not have the opportunity to manage the work of social networks that is why the company does not hold any liability to the cookie management on such sites. Being a user/customer of our service you need to get familiar with their Privacy and Cookie Usage Policies in order to know how and why they are used and to enable yourself to make the well-thought decision.

Cookies of various social platforms:


3. How to Turn Off Cookies in your Browser

In case you want to turn off collecting cookies in your browser, we will share with you some info that will help you in solving this task. Just pick the right section in accordance with your browser you use.

Internet Explorer:

Although we also notify our users that turning off collecting of the cookie files may lead to troubles with performing some website functions and you may not have access to some of its sections.

4. Contact Finder in Social Media

Contact Finder will manage a business page in Facebook and corporate profiles in Twitter and LinkedIn.

That is why we, according to the Data Protection Act, hold the responsibility for processing that personal info of our users in those networks. Also, as soon as you start following our pages on those websites, you confirm your agreement with our policies where we have specified user’s rights and provide them full insight into how their private data is about to be used.

Being a company or a controller, we are obliged to set the high confidential level of users’ data processing in order to comply with their rights and follow regulations from the Organic Law for Protecting the Data (15/1999 of 13 December).

We notify our users/customers that our social network pages serve for posting the relevant articles and another type of content that might be interesting to the users of the Service as well as use topics that may attract new users. We inform our subscribers that they may find our content in their feed and share it on their pages.